Getting Started


OAuth 2.0 Guide

This is required to get an access token for calling APIs. SurveyMonkey currently supports OAuth 2.0 version 15.

Sending Requests Guide

This tutorial will guide you through your first call on the SurveyMonkey API and retrieve a Survey.

Polling for New Survey Responses Guide

This tutorial will show you how to poll our API nightly for new survey responses and show you how to map answers back to the questions in your survey.

SDK & Tools

SurveyMonkey Github

SurveyMonkey lists all of our code examples and related integration code on Github. If you have an SDK or example you would like to be added, let us know.

3rd Party Node.js SDK

The Node.js SDK enables you to access features of the SurveyMonkey API with less work. Install using npm with npm install surveymonkey or download the source from GitHub here:

3rd Party PHP Wrapper

The PHP wrapper provides a simple mechanism for calling to the SurveyMonkey API. The project is open sourced on GitHub here:

3rd Party C# .Net Wrapper

The .Net wrapper provides a useful abstraction of SurveyMonkey's API. The project is licensed under the MIT license. Install using NuGet with PM> Install-Package SurveyMonkeyApi or download the source from GitHub here:



We strongly encourage you to ask Technical Questions on StackOverflow. We monitor questions tagged as surveymonkey daily and it helps all our users get answers quickly on a great platform. Here is the SurveyMonkey Listing.


We offer limited email support for technical questions not answered on StackOverflow at

What's New



  • You may now retrieve respondents for surveys with up to 500,000 respondents


  • API Console now works correctly with IE


  • The "answer_id" in nested items within an answer is now of type String
  • Fixed OAuth dialog so it renders correct in IE 8-10
  • Characters that have been encoded as HTML entities in the survey are now rendered correctly as Unicode in the output
  • New API console has been deployed at