Creating a Public App

Public apps can be listed on SurveyMonkey's App Directory after meeting certain criteria and receiving approval.
Some examples may include:
A service that offers complementary functionality to SurveyMonkey
An integration of SurveyMonkey functionality into a pre-existing tool
A popular app that extends SurveyMonkey's functionality
Public apps have different guidelines than apps built for private use. Here are a few key differences:
Public Apps
Private Apps
Eligible for the App Directory
SurveyMonkey account needed by Developer
Plan needed to utilize app functionality
SurveyMonkey account needs to be an enduser of the app
Who purchases user's SM accounts
End User
How many accounts can access the app
One SurveyMonkey account or one Team
API call limits*
starting at 500 calls/day (contact sales)
Requires approval before launching
Think your app is better suited to be Private? Check out Creating a Private App.
*Please see our API Developer Terms for more guidelines when building with our API.
**Limits are subject to change

App Approval Checklist

SurveyMonkey has strict standards for publishing public apps. Meet the criteria below and we'll help promote your app in our App Directory.

Basic Requirements

  • Your app should have unique value and be attracting new users regularly.
  • Your app should NOT replicate functionality already offered by SurveyMonkey's survey tools.
  • Your app's name should NOT be a generic term (i.e. "Analytics"), include versioning (i.e. "App V3.0"), and/or include the word "SurveyMonkey".
  • Your app should have at least five OAuth sign ins in the first three months.
  • You must state if users will need a free or paid account from your service to use your app.
  • Your team must provide easily-accessible app support.
  • All communication should be over HTTPS using a valid SSL certificate (we value security!)

Creating a Listing

  • Listings help users gain a better understanding of your app's core functionality and scope requirements. Therefore, they should be written honestly and truthfully.
  • Visit the listings tab in the My Apps view to create an app listing and submit it for approval.
  • Your first app listing should be in English, but we encourage you to make additional app listings in other languages.
SurveyMonkey retains the right to reject an app based on criteria not listed above. Approval of your app by SurveyMonkey does not guarantee its compliance with the criteria above.